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LG OLED TV. the ultimate display

Picture Quality

The world’s first curved screen by LG heralds a new paradigm of display shape and quality, leading a transition from the flat screen to the curved. The gently curved screen is the most optimal form for any display, providing equal distance from all parts of the screen to the eyes, the degree of urvature being based on careful calculations.

The resulting screen allows no distortion of objects and neatly envelopes your field of sight to draw you right into the center of the action. Shaped after the natural form of human sight and vision, it is a dream only now made possible thanks to the groundbreaking technology of LG OLED TV.
LG ’s 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white subpixel that modifies the conventional 3 colors and enhances both color range and accuracy. This considerably improves the OLED pixels’ ability to express the colors of reality, and represents a giant step ahead of conventional display. The 4 Color Pixel is LG ’s unique innovation just for the next generation OLED TV.
LG OLED TV has finally achieved perfect contrast, a realm previously unattainable by ordinary television. The independently lighted pixels do not require a common lamp or medium, and thus are completely independent from each other. This has enabled the pixels to control their own luminance, so true depth and tone can now be produced. Images are now as alive as life, since the contrast ratio is well beyond conventional measurement./dd>
Absolute Motion Clarity
The response speed of LG OLED TV is over one hundred times faster than LED TV, allowing you to enjoy fast moving scenes with completely blur-free, crystal-clear pictures. It is no longer restrained by the slow response rates and frame rates, and shows motion the way it is seen in real life. All details and actions are as good as life on LG OLED TV.
The OLED TV is no longer restrained by the angle at which it is viewed, unlike previous devices that experience contrast loss from the sides, and shows incredibly consistent contrast from anywhere. On top of this, LG OLED TV with its color refiner has virtually perfected the technology by ensuring no color distortions either. Enjoy perfectly wide viewing angle with no distortion of contrast or color with LG OLED TV, the perfect display all around.
LG OLED TV’s Color Refiner dramatically enhances color consistency and precision by refining the pixel’s colors. Each color of the pixel is refined before emission to ensure precise reproduction of the intended natural color. This is another innovation of LG OLED technology, and sets it apart from other OLED devices visibly as it prevents all distortions of color, thus dramatically improving the viewing angle. The resulting pictures are more natural and comfortable to the eyes.