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they appear in the center of the screen or off to the side. It provides perfect immersion into images as if they are really there instead of being in a flat two-dimensional plane. Shaped after the natural form of human sight and vision, the screen is more comfortable and the images more real.

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The simple structure of OLED TV allows for great improvements in shape and form as well. This has allowed the OLED TV to break another barrier of previous television types, and attain a slimness never before possible. The result is the incredibly slim and light LG OLED TV, which is unlike anything seen before.
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LG OLED TV’s iconoclastic curved form enables innovation of design, and that is what is presented in this captivating yet minimalist stand. The transparent Crystal Stand signifies a novel achievement in design innovation, creating a delightful illusion of a floating screen, and not getting in the way of the immersive viewing experience.
Satisfy your ears as well as your eyes. LG ’s Clear Speakers offer the rivilege of high quality sound to match the class of the utmost picture quality of an OLED TV. The two channel speaker system consists of thin ceramic film speakers that produce high quality sound. With refined sound at the higher frequencies, you can always enjoy crystal-clear sound at any range or level.