LG offers innovative and advanced educational display solution bundles to help educators communicate to and inspire their students. Learn more about our educational display solutions below.



    As schools witness the expanding trends of technological integration, LG continues to demonstrate its dedication to developing innovative and advanced educational display solutions. Our vertical market managers have the expertise to develop the right digital solution bundle to help educators communicate to and inspire their students.
    From information, to the internet, to broadcast content, LG delivers commercial products that can create a visual experience. Our broad range of reliable large screen education LCDs, desktop monitors, and classroom projectors are performance driven and designed to maximize content.

    Network monitors
    Connect students and faculty with LG’s cost-effective virtual desktop solution that networks multiple workstations to a single PC.

    Our line of educational presentation products are optimized for use in a multitude of education environments: classrooms, auditoriums, and large meeting rooms.

    Communicate information across your entire student body with an effective digital signage network.

    • On-campus way finding can efficiently direct campus traffic with touch screen displays.
    • Class schedules, events, and other pertinent campus information can be broadcast to displays in high traffic areas from a centralized point.
    • Public displays can act as an emergency alert system immediately notifying students and staff across the entire campus. In the event of an emergency.

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