LG offers targeted communication solutions to promote your financial products and programs with latest in digital display technology. Find out more about our financial displays below.



    Financial signage solutions from LG takes advantage of the latest in digital display technology coupled with the expertise to develop public display solutions for financial institutions.

    Digital signage can be as simple as a single screen with a single source of content, but also can be complex system with multiple displays with multiple playlists from multiple sources with scheduling capabilities.

    • Promote products and programs with targeted messaging that can be consistently updated in real-time
    • Engage customers with interactive content that is timely, compelling, and targeted in high traffic areas such as entry ways, lobbies, and teller windows.
    • Improve awareness and retention rates while addressing multiple pain points.

    LG brings it all together
    With a full range of commercial LCD and plasma displays, touch screen displays, mounts, and digital media players, our vertical market managers and applications engineers will customize an effective and scalable digital signage solution based on your network, security and budget requirements, and business strategy.

    Build your institution’s brand Customers expect information to be delivered instantly in a clear and consistent manner. Digital signage can establish your brand and create a recognizable brand identity. Communicate your brand’s strengths and values as well the knowledge your institution has on its products to gain trust and loyalty from the customer. Maximize on opportunities for customer-driven interactivity that can result in directing action to request more information, purchase a product, or schedule time with a personal banker.

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