LG SuperSign Software

LG's SuperSign Software is committed to offering comprehensive technology solutions through our range of software, including SuperSign Lite, W & Editor. Find out more below.
  • Server

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    SuperSign Lite

    Free version, Single user account, Web based application (up to 50 clients)
    ▪ Basic signage Content management software
    - Create a schedule & distribute via Network
    - Manage the player
  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_02 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_02_m

    SuperSign W

    Premium version, Multiple user accounts, Web based application (up to 1,000 clients)
    ▪ Advanced Signage content management software
    - Support Video wall synchronization. Etc
  • Editor

  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_03 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_03_m

    SuperSign Editor

    Free version
    ▪ Template based contents editor for SuperSign W and Lite
  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_04 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_04_m

    Simple Editor

    Free version, Single user account
    ▪ Simple Signage content management software
    - Create content and playlist, Distribute them with USB playback
  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_05 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_05_m

    Media Editor

    Premium version, Single user account
    ▪ Professional editor
    - Configure the desired layout with template
  • Mobile

  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_06 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_06_m

    SuperSign M

    Premium version, Multiple user accounts
    ▪ Mobile signage contents management software
    - Edit &make a schedule and distribute the content via mobile
  • External data

  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_07 SuperSign N2

    SuperSign N

    Premium version, Single user account, Web based application
    ▪ Pull the external data source to SuperSign content

  • Control

  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_08 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_08_m

    SuperSign C

    Free version, Single user account
    ▪ Signage management software
    - Control and remote monitoring via RJ45 and RS232C
  • ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_09 ID_01_LGSuperSignSoftware_09_m

    SuperSign WB

    Free version, Single user account
    ▪ White balancing software
    - sensor and camera
  • LG Software Structure - Free version

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  • LG Software Structure - Licensed version

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