MULTI V Water 5

LG MULTI V Water 5 is a water source cooling system for a highly efficient, economical operation. This lightweight and compact HVAC VRF allows for flexible installation, high performance and superior cooling.
  • Extended Compressor Speed

    Extended Compressor Speed

    Rapid operation response increases part load efficiency.

  • Smart Oil Management

    Smart Oil Management

    Oil recovery occurs only when required and this enhances compressor reliability and user comfort.

  • HiPOR™


    Energy loss is eliminated by returning oil directly to compressor for increased efficiency.

  • Enhanced Bearing Technology

    Enhanced Bearing Technology

    High lubricity PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) outer bearing that increases performance with low oil operation.

Compact Size

Compact Size and Weight

Multi V Water 5 575V outdoor units are one of the most compact and light weight units available.

Note: 16 Ton Weight Comparison

Large Single System Capacity

Multi V Water 5 575V Line-up can combine up to a maximum of 48 Tonnes, making it one of the most flexible Water VRF systems available.
Large Single System Capacity Large Single System Capacity
  • Variable Water Flow Control (Optional)

    Variable Water Flow Control (Optional) Variable Water Flow Control (Optional)

MULTI V Water 5 Lineup

MULTI V Water V Lineup MULTI V Water V Lineup

Catalogue & Leaflet & Document Download

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Catalogue LG VRF Full Catalog 2021.pdf File PDF7,327K
Catalogue LG VRF Indoor Units Catalog 2021.pdf File PDF14,669K
Catalogue LG VRF Outdoor Unit Catalog 2021.pdf File PDF20,390K