Wall Mounted

LG Wall Mount unit is a powerful cooling and heating solution that can be installed quickly and easily.
  • Detachable Bottom Cover1

    Detachable Bottom Cover

    The bottom cover is detachable when needed, making installation easier. Disassembly or additional support of the unit is unnecessary. Installation can be completed by one individual with LG’s patented support tool.

  • Installation Support Clip1

    Installation Support Clip

    A support clip creates adequate space between the wall and the unit for easier installation.

  • Single Split_Wall_Mounted_Unit_05 Single Split_Wall_Mounted_Unit_05_M

    Powerful Cooling & Heating

    The opening of the front panel reduces the overload from the air intake. Also, the new and improved skew fan increases the amount of airflow.
  • Optimized Airflow1

    Optimized Airflow

    Direction of horizontal vane can be adjusted from step 1 to step 6 with full auto swing. This function can cool and heat specific areas much faster.

  • Quick Cooling & Heating1

    Quick Cooling & Heating

    Jet cooling and heating disperses air evenly at high speed to secure an optimally cooled or heated room in just 3 minutes.