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One grocery list. Seven
recipes. Zero food waste.

The Continuous Kitchen is all about staying waste-free and well-fed.

With planning, creativity, and innovation it’s simple to go from Roast Chicken to Pot Pie, from Salmon Tartare to Baked Filet, and from Fresh Bread to Apple Bread Pudding.

Who said ending food waste wasn’t delicious?

  • Timeless Tourtière
    No holiday would be complete without this traditional Quebecois meat pie. This one is served with a delicious stone fruit ketchup.
  • Holiday ham with a plan
    With a delicious glaze and a plan for every leftover piece, this holiday ham will not soon be forgotten.
  • Split Pea & Ham Soup
    There’s nothing better than the smell of soup on the stove and the warm feeling of knowing you’re reducing food waste.
  • Ultimate Grilled Ham & Cheese
    Reducing food waste is as easy as grilled cheese with this next level comfort classic.
  • Waste-no-bread holiday dressing
    Discover the gift of stale bread in this delicious recipe for sausage, fennel, celery & orange dressing.
  • Roast Chicken on a mission
    A perfect roast chicken that makes a great family dinner and enough leftovers for a meal the next day.
  • Chicken Pot Pie
    Roast Chicken Part II
    The roast chicken continues and so does the mission to end food waste with this clever recipe for chicken pot pie.
  • Surplus Salmon Tartare
    A great recipe for waste-free hosting. This delicious salmon tartare uses the parts of the fish that are wasted most often.
  • Grand Finale Salmon Filet
    A simple and delicious way to use up every last morsel of salmon.
  • Homemade Bread and Beyond
    A simple recipe for homemade bread using five ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.
  • Caramel apple bread pudding
    This dessert is truly the best thing since stale bread. And it’s made from two things Canadians waste most – bread and apples.
  • Pickled Vegetables
    These pickled vegetables are a great way to extend the life of veggies and a great go-to for your fridge.