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For Small Loads That Are a Big Deal

Meet Your Match

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I wash in the LG SideKick™ pedestal washer?
Almost any type of clothing you wash in a regular washing machine! For example, if you have a small load of t-shirts that you don’t want to wait to wash, toss them in the LG SideKick™ on Normal and clear laundry room clutter in an instant. The LG SideKick™ washer is also perfect for special-care loads like delicates, hand washables and workout wear.
Can I install and connect the LG SideKick™ washer myself?
While it's possible for homeowners to install the LG Sidekick™ washer, most retailers offer installation assistance that we recommend you take advantage of.
Does the LG SideKick™ clean as well as a full-sized washer?
Yes! Depending on the cycle you choose, the LG SideKick™ washer automatically employs one of three wash motions, WaveForce™, Rubbing or Swinging, to ensure optimal cleaning performance for all of your smaller loads.
How many cycles does the LG SideKick™ have?
The LG SideKick™ washer offers six distinct cycles. Each cycle offers a unique combination of wash motions, water temperatures, rinse cycles and spin speeds that is ideally suited for the different types of loads.
How much laundry can a LG SideKick™ washer hold?
Despite its compact size, the LG SideKick™ washer can hold nearly 1.1 cu. ft., or approximately 3 to 4 pounds, of laundry. For a 3-pound load of delicates, that equates to 15 panties, 9 bras, 5 camisoles, 4 slips and 1 pajama bottom—all in one load. Or, you can wash 5 to 6 shirts in a 4-pound load.
What kind of detergent should I use with LG SideKick™?
Feel free to use the same liquid or powder HE detergent that you use in your front load washer. The HE formulations help prevent over-sudsing that can affect overall washer performance.
Can I use fabric softener?
Liquid fabric softener may be added at the beginning of the final rinse cycle. The LG SideKick™ washer will chime to alert you when this is happening.
How much detergent should I use with my LG SideKick™?
Your LG SideKick™ washer comes with a detergent cup to help you quickly and easily measure just the right amount of detergent. One side is intended for liquid detergent, the other side for powder. Simply fill to the mark and pour into the tub before starting the cycle.

If you lose your detergent cup, you can order a replacement through LG Customer Service at 1-888-542-2623. Or, use approximately 1/4 the amount of detergent that you use in your regular front load washer.
Where do I put the detergent?
After you load your items into the LG SideKick™, use the included detergent cup to add the correct amount of liquid or powder High-Efficiency detergent directly into the washer, then close the lid.
Can I use my LG SideKick™ and my front-loading washer at the same time?
Absolutely—LG created the timesaving TWINWash™ to help you divide and conquer your laundry day. The LG SideKick™ and your front load washer operate independently, so you can wash one load in hot and one load in cold at the same time. You can also start or stop a cycle or open the door on either washer without interrupting the other.
Does my LG SideKick™ drawer need to be slid in all the way to work?
Yes. The LG SideKick™ lid must be closed and the washer must be fully engaged in the pedestal frame to operate. If not, the display will indicate “dE1,” “dE2” or “dE3” (door error).
Can I add an item after the cycle has started?
No problem. Simply press the Start/Pause button on the control panel or optional remote control, slide out the drawer and add your item. Press Start/Pause and close the drawer within 5 seconds to resume the cycle.
How do I know when the cycle is complete?
Listen for the LG tune. The LG SideKick™ washer features the same, pleasant end-of-cycle chime as your LG front load washer.
Are there special care or cleaning instructions for the LG SideKick™?
Use the Tub Clean cycle in between loads as needed to keep your LG SideKick™ clean and fresh smelling. We recommend running it monthly, but after 30 wash cycles, “tCL” will appear in the display as a helpful reminder.
Does the LG SideKick™ come with a warranty?
Just like all LG products, the LG SideKick™ washer is designed for years of reliable performance. For added peace of mind, it’s backed by a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, a 10-year warranty on the Direct Drive Motor and a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel tub.
Is the LG SideKick™ safe for homes with small children?
The LG SideKick™ washer has a child lock option that disables the control panel to keep little hands from starting or stopping a cycle. The washer also features a drawer lock that prevents the pedestal washer from being pulled out while it’s running. 

Of course, just like with any appliance, we recommend supervising young children to ensure they keep clear of the unit during operation.
What’s required to install a LG SideKick™ washer?
The LG SideKick™ pedestal washer installs beneath your LG front load washer, just like a regular pedestal. It has its own power cord that plugs into a standard 120V/60 Hz household outlet, so there’s no need for special wiring. You also won’t need separate water or drain lines—the LG SideKick™ washer includes two Y-connectors for the hot and cold water lines, a third Y-connector for the drain and the necessary hoses to install the LG SideKick™ in concert with your LG front load washer.
What items shouldn’t be washed in the LG SideKick™?
The LG SideKick™ washer is extremely versatile. Still, we don’t recommend washing bulky or buoyant items like pillows, comforters, cushions, heavy coats, quilts or highly absorbent items. We also don’t recommend washing hats or shoes.
Can the LG SideKick™ be used as a standalone unit?
The LG SideKick™ needs to be installed under an LG Front Load washer in order to function.
Will the LG SideKick™ be available in other colors in the future?
Currently, the LG SideKick™ is available in Black Stainless Steel, Graphite and White.
Will it work with other brands or will it work with LG Top Loaders?
The LG SideKick™ washer is only compatible with LG front-load washers and will not work with other brands.