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[LG webOS TV] – Parental Control

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[LG webOS TV] TV parental control



function TV Rating / Channel Lock


           Adults can restrict TV viewing according to the Canadian TV content classification rating system

           indicating intended age group per specific program or blocking a specific channel altogether to

           ensure young ones don’t get exposed to inappropriate content material on the TV screen.


           1. Press  the  settings button on the Magic Motion remote controller .
           2.  Click on the Advanced advanced setting button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

           3. Select Safety

           4. Set Safety to On.

           5. You will be required to input initial PIN code which is: 0000.


           TV Rating Lock

           This function operates according to classification information embedded in the broadcasting station

           signal. In Canada, legislation was adopted in 1997 by the CRTC making it mandatory for any TV

           broadcast to include encoded rating in its signal.

           This feature prevents children from watching adults’ TV programs or any program deemed

           inappropriate according to a specific rating system. Enter set password to watch a blocked

           program or station. Ratings are country specific.

           ● Supported only in the digital mode.

           Channel Lock

           Blocks a specific channel deemed containing inappropriate content for children. Blocked channels

               can still be selected but the screen will appear blank and the audio will be muted. Unplugging power

           to the TV and plugging it back in will have no effect such as disabling parental control locks.

           To watch a locked programme, enter the password.

           ● This function works when Safety is On

           ● The initial password is set as 0000.



how to use Enabling Application Lock


           You can lock or unlock the application.

           1. Press  home  and then click  settings  at bottom right side of the screen.

           2. advanced setting Safety

           3. Set Safety to On.

           4. Select the Application Locks.

           5. Select the Applications to lock.

           ● The initial password is set as "0000". 

           ● The lock function is not immediately available for the currently running application.



function Input Lock


           You can lock or unlock Input sources.

           1. Press  home  and then click  settings  at bottom right side of the screen.

           2. advanced setting Safety

           3. Set Safety to On.

           4. Select the Input Lock.

           5. Select Input source to lock.

           The initial password is set as 0000


how to use How to Reset PIN Code


           home  settings  advanced setting Safety Reset PIN Code

           Set or change the password for the TV.

           The initial password is set as 0000

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