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​Video delay when powering TV "on"

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Delay at displaying picture on screen


Flat panel displays whether PDP, LCD, LED backlit or OLED TVs take some time to show a picture on screen after they have been just turned on. As long as the delay in producing images on screen is around 10 seconds that is considered normal. There is no cause for alarm.



Verify that the LG logo appears normally on screen when turning the television “on”.

If your main source of viewing comes from a set-top box, check that its power is turned “on”

※ OLED and some models don’t show LG logo on the screen when power is turned on.

 Worst case scenario

Should the standby light blink for more than 30 seconds or power turns itself off after the light had been flickering, either cases warrant service (in-home service for screen sizes greater than 42 inch products).


If the audio is heard while no video appears on screen (black screen) and the on-screen settings menu doesn’t appear although the remote control menu button has been pressed, this situation also warrants the presence of a service technician with exact same conditions as stipulated in the aforementioned paragraph.



LCD, LED, PDP TVs: within 10 seconds to get picture on screen

OLED TVs: with 15 seconds to get picture on screen

LCD Wireless TVs: 17 ~ 20 sec. (for wireless connection to engage)

Time to handle signals: pending large data volume for vivid and clear picture quality

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