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Netflix automatic sign in issue

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Suddenly, every time Netflix Content Service is accessed on LG Smart TV, at the exception of webOS models, account credentials (signing in) are required. User ID and Password are somehow no longer memorized.


Either deactivate then reactivate Netflix service on your NetCast LG Smart TV. Then sign in to Netflix service once again.

Or, reinitialize the television to factory settings then sign in to Netflix once again.

* Netflix Deactivation (NetCast 4.0 / NetCast 4.5)

Home > Premium > Option (Green button) > Select Netflix Deactivation

* Factory Reset

Settings > General > Select “Reset to Initial Settings”

 Netflix Deactivation Steps

1. Press HOME button on the remote controller

2. Using right arrow key, bring cursor to highlight PREMIUM

3. Press the ENTER key on the remote controller. Premium page will appear:

4. On the remote controller, press the GREEN button at the bottom.

5. The OPTIONS dialog box will open up.

6. Select Netflix Deactivation. Press ENTER key.

7. When you access Netflix the next time you will be prompted to provide credentials.

8. Your USER NAME and PASSWORD will then be memorized.

Should above steps fail at resolving issue, you will unfortunately need to reset the TV altogether.

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