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QOOQ TV App terminated

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Effective June 19th, 2018, service content providers operating QOOQ TV App will cease to offer their services on Smart televisions platforms as a specifically dedicated downloadable App.






Like a good number of other content service providers shying away from the Smart TV App concept in order to concentrate and streamline all their energy and efforts towards mobile communication streaming, QOOQ TV App has followed suit. However, in the case of QOOQ, it would appear, upon further investigation (App not listed in Google Play Store), their streaming content service will be strictly targeting their very own exclusive tablet product.

At this point there has been no discussion whether this will be a temporary or permanent decision.

Customers who had downloaded and installed the App from the LG Content store will still see the QOOQ icon on screen despite service terminated. Attempting to open up the App will result in technical difficulties as per following notification message.



 Situation Update


Should customer wish to dispute or seek refund for an in-app purchase, please guide customer directly to the service provider via email: - or their website:

Alternatively, the App is accessible from any Smart TV browser, your personal computer or any smartphone’s browser as per following.

Terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause Smart TV users. Whatever prompted content service provider to come to this decision, we fully respect their decision.



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