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LG Appliance Smart ThinQ App issues

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You may come across difficulties running the Smart ThinQ App along with operating your brand new LG appliance. Please do not despair. Following are some very basic troubleshooting tips to get you going.


Whatever the issue you may be encountering attempting to operate your brand new LG appliance by running the Smart ThinQ app, ensure following criteria are met:

  1. Downloaded and installed App is SmartThinQ
  2. App version is most recent and latest available
  3. There is no error message on screen
  4. You can register your brand new appliance
  5. Appliance requiring registration show either SDS, Tag ON or logo Smart ThinQ logo


                  case no. 1                                        case no. 2                                      case no. 3


             NFC Tag ON logo                          Smart ThinQ logo                      Smart Diagnosis (SDS)


  1. Is the NFC feature enabled on the phone?
  2. Does the phone feature NFC feature?
  3. Do you know the exact NFC antenna location inside the phone?
  4. Is the appliance powered “ON” while trying to Tag ON?
  5. Does your phone have a plastic or metal cover?
  6. If so, have you tried Tag ON after removing cover?



Should all troubleshooting fail at producing positive results, the issue could be a bit more complex to rectify and will require the assistance of the App software engineers.

Please address an e-mail correspondence to: (SMART dot THINQ) by explaining in detail the issue experienced. Please include the model number and, if error messages appearing on screen, please take screenshots and include them in the e-mail.

You will be communicating directly with a software engineer that will attempt to pinpoint root cause of your issue and fix it. They are usually very quick at getting back to customers and resolving issues.

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