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Occasionally there may be a need to update the software that runs your phone, or you may need to know the version of the software that is installed on your phone.

* The menu options and method of updating your cell phone may vary depending on the model and service provider.

- To find the version of software that is currently installed on your phone, look in the settings menu of your cell phone. Under the settings menu look for an option that says "Phone Info" or "About Phone", then look for the "SW Version" or "Software Version".

- Most cell phones receive software updates directly from the service provider as an over-the-air, "OTA", update. You may get a notification on your phone that an update is available for your phone, or that your phone has been updated automatically. You may need to contact your service provider to find out method they use to deliver updates to your phone.

- Depending on the update it may be necessary to update your cell phone using the LG Mobile Support application. This involves you downloading and installing the Mobile Support and USB driver software onto your PC, connecting your phone to your PC with the USB data cable, and then updating your phone.

- You can download the LG Mobile Support application and find instructions for using the application at

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