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[Nexus 5X] USB C Type

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USB C Type



     You can insert USB Type C terminal lug multi directionally into Nexus 5X smartphone.

     USB Type C is smaller than Micro Type B and has more connector lines integrated. 

     You can connect Nexus 5X to your PC or other devices with this cable.

     The cable has a more intensive connector line, but is smaller than the Micro-B type

     connector and can charge your phone fast and efficiently.


     USB Type C diverse cable styles:


     1. C to A Cable connecting existing PC and Type C terminal




     2. C to B Cable connecting existing terminal and Type C terminal




     3. C to C Cable connecting Type C PC and Type C terminal,

         or connecting Type C terminals




     4. Type C OTG A Cable connecting existing OTG device and Type C terminal


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