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Noise Issues

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BD- Noise Issues


In general, Blu-ray/DVD player will run almost completely silent. Some older models did have cooling fans. Most new machines are able to run without a cooling fan that emits a slight humming sound. It's also normal to be able to hear slight humming sounds as the drive spins up, and as the laser lens moves to read data from the discs. With the audio on your TV turned up to a normal level, you should not be able to hear the operational noises.

Note: The player should be on a level surface, if the player is on an unstable or unlevel surface then the unit may operate louder than normal.

Noise level

Can the sounds be heard over the audio/dialogue of the movie being viewed?

If so, there may be an issue with your player that would require it to come in for service at the repair center.

If not, you may simply be hearing the normal operational sounds of the disc drive in the player.

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