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Ben Cohen Turns Up the Heat – But Uses Far Less Energy

  • Veröffentlicht
  • 06.07.2010
England rugby hero chooses new green technology for rural family home
Rugby star Ben Cohen MBE is ahead of the game once again by being one of the first in the UK to choose LG’s new air-to-water heat pump, Therma V, for his home. Best known for being part of England’s rugby world cup winning team and as one of the national team’s top scorers, Cohen was impressed by the Therma V’s promise of energy-efficiency and felt that installing the heat pump would be a step towards his ultimate aim of self-sufficiency. Having done his own research into the benefits, he expects return on investment after three to four years.

ACS Renewable Solutions Ltd will fit two Therma Vs in Cohen’s Northampton farmhouse and adjoining converted barn. Both will supply underfloor heating and domestic hot water while at the same time significantly reduce his family’s carbon footprint.


Therma V has been shown be up to four times more efficient than conventional systems. “I have small twin daughters and since they were born, the energy bills have soared,” says Cohen. “Also, we are fairly remote here and I would rather have our own source of energy on site, so we aren’t dependent on any outside supplier.”


Cohen adds that his neighbour had recently fitted a heat pump and was pleased with the results.   It was this that started him thinking that a similar pump could be the answer to his high energy bills. However, it was not until he began to talk to LG on a trip to Fulham Football Club (the former team of his uncle, England world cup winner, George Cohen), that the idea took hold.


“I decided to do my own research into the options and could see that the Therma V was one of the most advanced and efficient on the market. I was also reassured by the LG name, knowing that this meant the technology had a good backing,” he says.

Designed for both new homes and renovations, Therma V works by using inverter heat pump technology to extract warmth from the outside air. Using this renewable source means it is highly efficient. For example, the co-efficient of performance (COP) measures the amount of heat generated against the amount of electricity used to power the system. The Therma V has a COP of 4.1 which means the system produces 4kw of heating energy for every 1kw.

Cohen says he is also considering installing solar panels at the 17 acre site at some time in the future. Therma V easily connects with solar thermal technology to increase energy savings even further.


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