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  • Veröffentlicht
  • 07.01.2008

Berkshire, Jan. 7, 2008 - LG Electronics has introduced three new series of uniquely styled LCD monitors, three “Super Multi Blue” Blu-ray Disc Rewriters and a new super slim optical drive as part of its expanded 2008 information technology (IT) product portfolio. The products are on display at the 2008 International CES® (Booth #8214, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center).


LG Electronics’ flagship LCD monitors, the W52 series, combine cutting-edge performance with stylish designs that integrate into any home office or high-end professional setting. The series’ 19-, 20-, 22-, and 24-inch monitors feature a high-gloss, piano black cabinet with a curved bezel accent. Digital Fine Contrast Technology boosts the contrast ratio to 10,000:1, one of the highest available today.

The 19-, 20- and 22-inch models’ ultra-fast 2ms response time delivers sharp, crisp images with reduced motion artifacts. LG’s “ez Zooming” technology helps users quickly change the image size and resolution with the click of a button, an ideal tool for smaller fonts or images that need to be magnified.

All LG monitors use the proprietary f-ENGINE picture-enhancing chip for desktop monitors. LG’s f-ENGINE enhances brightness and color independently of each other, which makes these units perfect for gaming, and graphic or video intensive projects. Additional monitors include:

● W00 Series (W3000, W2600) - Features support for “Full HD” 1080p resolution and incorporates LG’s slim and narrow design. The unit has a 2ms response time, high resolutions (2,560 x 1,600 resolution, W3000; 1,920 x 1,200 resolution, W2600), and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. It is available in 26- and 30-inch models.

● L7W Series (L227WT) – The L7W series utilizes a design that is perfect for a home office or professional setting. The unit also incorporates an anti-glare screen which minimises glare often caused by fluorescent or harsh lighting. It has 2ms response time, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness, 1,680 x 1,050 resolution and an wide viewing angle of 170 x 170 degrees. It is available in a 22-inch model.


As the largest optical storage manufacturer in the world, and a leading optical drive supplier in the U.S., LG Electronics is showcasing two new internal and an external dual-format “Super Multi Blue” Blu-ray and HD DVD compatible drives. All units feature LightScribe, which enables consumers to easily create direct-to-disc labels right from their drive. The new optical drives offer consumers one of the widest variety of options available because they are compatible with Blu-ray Disc, DVD, CD read/write and HD-DVD-ROM (read only). These models include:

● The GGW-H20LI features both Blu-ray disc read and write capabilities, and HD DVD playback compatibility. The unit has a 6x recording speed of Blu-ray Discs—it takes only about 16 minutes to burn a full single layer BD-R disc (25GB), compared with 23-24 minutes for 4x recording and 46-47 minutes for 2x recording. The unit records up to 50GB of data, equivalent to approximately 4-1/2 hours of high-definition video or 22 hours of standard definition video (on a dual layer 50GB BD-R/BD-RE recordable media). Other features include:o 6x BD-R/2x BD-RE read compatible
o 3x HD DVD read compatible
o DVD+RW/-RW recording speed to 16x recording

● The GGC-H20LI has Blu-ray disc and HD DVD playback compatibility. Other features include:o 6x BD-R/2x BD-RE read compatible
o 3x HD DVD read compatible
o 16x recording speed of DVD+RW/-RW
o 32x recording speed of CD-R/RW
o Serial ATA interface

● The GGW-E10L is an external “Super Multi Blue” drive that reads and writes Blu-ray discs, and has HD DVD playback capabilities. The unit features a 6x recording speed of Blu-ray Discs, and a 3x read speed of HD DVDs. Other features include: o 6x BD-R/2x BD-RE read compatible
o 3x HD DVD read compatible
o DVD+RW/-RW recording speed to 16x recording.
o Sleek black and white casing to complement any workplace or home office

LG Electronics is also showcasing its new GSA-E50L, a slim portable external drive that integrates USB BUS Power, enabling it to burn DVDs and CDs without needing an AC power adapter. The unit has up to 8x DVD+R and DVD-R write speeds, and 24x CD-R and CD-RW write speeds in addition to 8.5GB double layer recording.