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LG Optimus Black creates art with Keith Haring

  • Veröffentlicht
  • 20.02.2011

Collaboration to Bring Pop Art Stylishness to Smartphones

LG’s Optimus Black handset already lays claim to being the world’s slimmest and lightest smartphone, measuring in at just 6mm at its thinnest and 109 grams in weight. But now it has just gotten that bit cooler thanks to LG’s collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation.

Two of the late pop-artist’s iconic images have been selected to emblazon the back cover of the LG Optimus Black. This is the second time that LG have partnered with the Keith Haring Foundation, with the first being 2008’s collaboration for the KF600 and KF700 with the goal of bringing art into more people’s lives.

The LG Optimus Black already makes a stylish statement with its sleek and smooth lines. No matter how it’s held the Optimus Black delivers high-quality sound as a result of an antenna designed to be completely free from physical interference.

Offering more than just a stylish look, the LG Optimus Black also features a NOVA display providing optimal brightness and readability under any light conditions. The NOVA display also reduces power consumption by 50% compared to conventional LCD displays. Frequently used functions on the Optimus Black can be accessed directly from the locked screen with a tap, tilt or shake command in a bid to make a more intuitive user experience. Other features include the world’s first front-facing 2MP camera and Android 2.3 upgrade capability.

The LG Optimus Black is expected in select European markets next month in black, white and other colour variations. If you are lucky enough to be in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2011 you will be able to see the Keith Haring LG Optimus Black firsthand.

For more information and product images visit www.lgnewsroom.com/MWC2011