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LG returns to London Fashion week with its Intelligent Fashion Icons

  • Veröffentlicht
  • 13.02.2008

Technology is back on the catwalk with a brand new look

Berkshire, 13 February, 2008 , LG Electronics (LG), a global leader in consumer electronics, extends its partnership with London Fashion Week (LFW) for yet another season, showcasing its new range of Intelligent Fashion Icons. The electronics company is once again making a bold statement in the world of fashion with a new cutting edge TV collection, enabling the home to stand out as the technology catwalk of 2008.

Anthony Yang, digital display product manager for LG Electronics UK, says, 'This year we have accentuated our design credentials by paying even more attention to the collection's look and feel. Frameless panels feature in our plasma range and slim, sleek body styles complete the LCD line. It's really important to reinforce our partnership with London Fashion Week as our collections are becoming more design-centric every season and our strategy, moving into the latter half of 2008, will see us be even more prominent in the fashion and design space.'

Eye-catching, stylish designs are playing a major role across all LG products. In keeping with this philosophy, the spotlight will be on the new LCD and plasma range as they make a guest appearance in and around London Fashion Week this year.

LG playback zones featuring the stylish new range of TVs as well as its 2007 Design Art sets, launched at last year's show, will be prominent throughout the event, playing footage of the previous day's Catwalk shows. Edited every night, they will allow guests get close to the action at any point in the week, ensuring they don't miss a thing.

The flagship model of LG's new LCD range is the HD Ready 1080p LG6000*, a TV with a striking, slim silhouette and a unique red-coloured back. A round LED light aperture gives the set a soft red pulsating glow, making it the epitome of elegance. Styling continues to run through the range, as its hero plasma model, the PG6000**, incorporates a slim, elegant frameless design. The single-layer design mimics the appearance of a pane of glass creating a sleek, sophisticated look that takes design to the edge.

A new invisible speaker system, specially tuned by audio legend Mr. Mark Levinson, further accentuates the alluring appeal of the new TV lines***. LG is the first manufacturer to adopt this design-feature on its LCD and plasma screens****. The unique system incorporates speaker actuators around the perimeter of the bezel, eliminating the need for traditional speaker drivers and associated grills. This not only allows for a sleek, finished look, but also offers a wider sweet spot by creating a virtual wall of sound.