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The Digital Switchover: 57 per cent of North West consumers believe all UK TVs have to be upgraded

  • Veröffentlicht
  • 06.11.2009

LG research reveals the need for consumer education of the Digital Switchover in Granada   



§         87 per cent of consumers from the Granada region claim to know what the Digital Switchover is, yet 57 per cent believe that all TVs in the UK need to be upgraded

§         Understanding of the Digital Switchover increases with age, with 93 per cent of ‘silver 60s’claiming to be prepared for the switch in comparison to 63 per cent of under 30’s who incorrectly believe that all of the TV’s in the UK will need to be changed to make them ‘digital-ready’

§         33 per cent of people want to receive high definition programming as part of their digital package if it doesn’t cost more


Berkshire, 6 November, 2009 – New research launched today by consumer electronics firm LG, reveals that 87 per cent of consumers in the Granada region (Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and North Staffordshire) believe that they know what the Digital Switchover is. However, 57 per cent still subscribe to the common myth that the change from analogue to digital broadcasts will require all TVs in the UK to be upgraded.


The Switchover commenced in Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and North Staffordshire, from 4 November. Although the majority of consumers are convinced they are prepared for the Switchover, 31 per cent are unsure of how to determine if a TV is able to receive digital broadcasts. Of the 72 per cent of people who do not currently view high definition, 33 per cent are keen to experience the benefits of high definition digital TV packages, as long as they don’t have to pay more for the service.


George Mead, TV marketing manager, Home Entertainment, LG Electronics says, “Relaxing at home watching your favourite film or TV programme with friends and family is important and requires the right set-up to complement your entertainment needs. We’ve recognised that there is confusion surrounding TV tech jargon, and the ongoing research we conduct supports this. It’s a point that we are actively addressing through a variety of ways – including the LG Xperience* educational roadshow and the LG Online Buyers Guide** - which aim to correct any myths and assist consumers in making the best home entertainment choices”.


Dispelling the general assumption that the younger generation is the most ‘tech savvy’, the research shows that the ‘under 30’s’ is the largest group mistakenly convinced that all of the UK’s TVs need to be changed for the Switchover, with 63 per cent subscribing to this myth.


Additionally, the research indicates that the “Silver 60’s” segment of consumers - aged between 60 and 70 - is the most confident about its preparation for the Digital Switchover. 93 per cent of these respondents claim to have made appropriate provisions for the Switchover, and it is also the group with the highest percentage of high definition programme adoption – 34 per cent.


Aside from gauging the level of consumer understanding of the Digital Switchover and high definition, the research also showed a high level of confusion around new TV technologies such as LED, with 62 per cent of respondents citing that they did not know what it was. Despite big pushes into the market from multiple manufacturers. 


In a move to help consumers overcome the confusion surrounding the Digital Switchover and other TV related tech jargon, LG is currently touring through the North West with its LG Xperience trailer. It will be at stores including Curry’s Speke (Liverpool) from 6 – 8 November, Curry’s White City (Manchester) from 13-15 November and Curry’s Bolton from 20-22 November.


The aim of this tour is to visit established LG retailers to educate staff and consumers about the brand’s product developments – including the LF7700, subscription-free HD TVs with in-built Freesat; SL9000 with LED technology and super slim SL8000 LCD TV; high definition designer small screens; 200Hz LCD sets, and the Switchover - to answer any questions that inhabitants of the various regions may have, as well as to provide advice on the most appropriate TV purchases, depending on individual needs.


Other findings to come out of the LG study include:





  • 30 per cent of respondents said they were not interested in high definition and also comprised the largest number of people concerned that HD programmes were too expensive



  • It is interesting to note that for a city so obsessed with football, when asked if they would like to watch broadcasts from South Africa in HD next year, 43 per cent said they are not interested in football



  • Respondents had the highest awareness of what the Digital Switchover is – 93 per cent
  • Respondents were the most price-sensitive – 43 per cent would like to receive HD programming if it didn’t cost more



  • Respondents had the highest awareness of when the Digital Switchover is happening in their area – 82 per cent


North Staffordshire

  • Least educated about the Digital Switchover – 71 per cent know what it is
  • Respondents least educated about when the Switchover is happening in their area - 69 per cent know when it is happening



  • 93 per cent of 60 year olds have prepared for the Switchover, and have the highest adoption rate of HD - 34 per cent
  • The 70 plus age group was the most confident in thinking it knew when the Switchover was taking place – 88 per cent
  • Under 30s are the highest number of subscribers to the myth that ‘all TVs in the UK need to be upgraded for the Switchover’ - 63 per cent


  • Men claim to be better informed than females about the Switchover with 93 per cent claiming that they know what it is. Females – 83 per cent
  • Men and women are equally prepared for the Switchover – 84 per cent
  • Men are more price sensitive than women in this instance - 38 per cent of males would adopt HD programming if it was ‘cheap enough’, as opposed to 30 per cent
  • 29 per cent of females are already viewing HD programmes, as opposed to 24 per cent of men


-- Ends --




Notes to editors


For a full breakdown of the report please contact Firefly Communications.


The sample for the survey involved 1054 adults, of all ages, who watch TV. Only people living in Granada region – Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, and North Staffordshire were interviewed for the survey.


In lengthy telephone interviews they were asked if they know what the Digital Switchover is and what they understand about it.


The fieldwork was carried out during October 2009.


Regional figures match the density of population.


* The LG Xperience, a 20 ft roadshow trailer set-up with the latest LG TVs, is currently on a nationwide consumer and retail education tour to help demystify tech terminology associated with the TV industry, as well as concepts such as the Digital Switchover, Freesat and LED technology. Participating stores include Tesco, Argos, Currys, and Comet.


** LG Online Buyer’s Guide (www.lge.co.uk/tvguide) has been developed in conjunction with T3 and What Plasma & LCD TV to help support LG’s education tour. Aimed directly at consumers, this microsite uses video and other forms of interactive content to help consumers choose a TV that is suited to their individual needs. Consideration is given to the customers’ distance from the TV, their viewing habits, type of viewing platform used in the home, lighting conditions, and the room in which it is positioned.





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