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Do you want wired internet connection for your TV? (You need to check if it is Web TV)

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  • Last Updated 22/06/2016

Do you want wired internet connection for your TV? (You need to check if it is Web TV)


For wireless network connection of Smart TV, check the items below..

- Router and wireless network availability

- TV embedded with WI-FI

※ For some models, they need wireless dongle(AN-WF100) connection.

- If you connect through LAN, wired network will be connected. If you want wireless network connection, you have further steps to take.

How to fix

Wired network connection

Wired : Connect the LAN output at the back of TV to the router or LAN terminal on the wall.

Wireless :   Connect wireless dongle(AN-WF100) to USB port on TV.

If WI-FI is built in, you don’t need to connect the wireless dongle.

2. Press Smart or Home button and select Settings.

3. Select Network Connection.

4. For wired network connection, it will be connected automatically.

    For wireless network connection, it will search a list of routers ready to connect.

5. It will show the list of routers ready to connect and select the network you want.

       (Not applicable to wired network connection)

6. Enter the security code(password) if needed.

7. Complete the network connection.

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