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I am having a problem with the interior lights on my LG fridge freezer, can you help?



It is important to determine the type of issue you are experiencing with interior lights to see if troubleshooting can resolve it.

Lights Do Not Stay On

If none of the lights inside the unit will turn on when the door is opened, check the following:

Identify whether the unit is cooling.

Check the door switches to see if anything is covering them, such as tape or other packing material. Push in and out on the door switch to see if the light turns on. If the light turns on, it is possible the door was not shut all the way and light timed out.

If only specific lights are not working, this likely indicates that the bulb itself is not installed properly or needs to be replaced.

Incandescent Bulbs: Remove and replace the bulb, making sure that it is screwed in completely.

LED Bulbs: If any of the LED lights are out, these require replacement by a technician.

 Lights Turn Off With Door Open

After being on for 7 minutes, the lights will shut off automatically. Shut the door for a few minutes and reopen them to see if the lights come back on.

In the fresh food compartment of the refrigerator, the light has its own thermal protector to prevent the light from overheating. If the temperature around the light goes above a certain temperature, the light turns off automatically. If this occurs, the doors should be shut for 10 minutes to allow the light to cool down. Once it cools back down, the light should come back on.

This might occur in less than 7 minutes, depending on how often the doors are opened and closed in a short period of time.

Lights Stay On

Open the door and manually press in on the door switch. Do this for each switch. If the lights will not turn off when the door switch is pressed in, service will be required.

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