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Dispenser Issues)Not Dispensing

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  • Last Updated 27/06/2016

Dispenser Issues)Not Dispensing


Dispenser Issues


Not Dispensing

 How to fix

Is detergent, softener not dispensing at all?
:If water is not flowing through the dispenser at all,
the detergent and softener (or bleach) are not dispensing.
The unit needs to check the water supply system.
Check the water faucet, water valve filter, Inlet hose and water pressure.

1. Water Faucet : Does it turn it on? 
2. Water Valve Filter : Is it clean? If it is clogged, clean the filters.
3. Inlet Hose : Are the inlet hoses kinked or damaged?
4. Water Pressure : If water pressure is too low, It makes remaining detergent,
                               softener or bleach.

If neither of these are the issue, then service will be required.

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