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LG Monitor - LCD Screen Pixel Specification

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  • Last Updated 16/01/2013


Below details the LCD pixel criteria applied to the LG manufacturer warranty of LCD monitors and applies to all LG Electronics LCD monitors.
1. Definition of bright and dark sub-pixel

 LCD Panel contains millions of sub-pixels in order to display full color images - See Picture1 below. 

Picture 2 shows the symptoms that can be occur during the production stage of these LCD panels
1-1. Bright sub-pixel : The symptom appears as very small spots like red, green or blue emitting light on the screen
1-2. Dark sub-pixel : The symptom appears as very small dark spots on the screen



 2. LG Specification for bright and dark sub-pixel

LG Monitor LCD screen warranty is compliant to ISO 1306-2 - International Standard for LCD screen pixel quality.


Bright or dark sub-pixels can occur during the production stage of the LCD panel.

These anomlies do not affect the functionality of the screen with bright sub-pixels and dark sub-pixels not considered as a defect

 up to one per 1 million sub-pixels respectively. Please see Table 1 below for more details on this specification


Table 1 : Accepted number of bright and dark sub-pixels









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