• <center>Comfort & Safety1

    Comfort & Safety

    - Precise temperature and humidity control
    - Individual airflow control for patients
    - Clean air for all spaces
    - 3-step air purification system for a hygienic environment

  • <center>Smart Energy Saving1

    Smart Energy Saving

    - Energy management and monitoring through central control system
    - heating and water supply via heat waste recovery
    - World-class high efficiency HVAC product (VRF, Chiller) lineup

*ASHRAE Standard : 20~24°C, 30~60% RH
  • Meet LG's optimal solutions for various types of hospitals

  • Syrian Lebanese1

    Syrian Lebanese

    The most well-known health care facilities in South America.
    / Multi V, AHU, Hydro kit, Indoor units

  • General Latacunga1

    General Latacunga

    Ecuador’s top national hospital.
    / Multi V, AHU, Indoor units

  • Preethi Hospital1

    Preethi Hospital

    The most reputable and advanced healthcare facility in Southern Tamilnadu.
    / Multi V, AHU, Indoor units

  • MIJN Centrum voor medische zorg1

    MIJN Centrum voor medische zorg

    Medical center in Brunssum, Netherlands.
    / Multi V, Hydro kit, Indoor units