12kg + 2kg Wash Two Load with LG TWINWash™ Washing Machine
  • TWINWash™ | TrueSteam™
  • 6 Motion DD | Inverter Direct Drive
  • Add Item | Perfect Solution
  • Delicate Wash
  • Slim Inverter DD
  • Smart Diagnosis™
12kg + 2kg Wash Two Load with LG TWINWash™ Washing Machine
* World's 1st Twin load washer combines a front load and top load washer that is able to wash and spin two loads at the same time, introduced in Korea, July 2015.

Separate Wash

TWINWash™ is a washing solution that has never existed before. It is all about efficiency, helping you get more clothes cleaner in less time by washing two separate loads simultaneously.
  • Big Load with TrueSteam™

    The TWINWash™ front loader powerfully and hygienically washes
    your heavy soiled laundry with its TrueSteam™ Technology
    Big Load with TrueSteam™<br>1
  • Small Load with WaveWash™

    TWINWash™Mini is the perfect size for hand wash or delicates. No need to wait
    – you can run small loads as often as you like to stop laundry from piling up.
    Small Load with WaveWash™ <br>2
* Main Washer (Based on 12kg model ; Half Load 6kg) Tested by Intertek : Cotton Cycle with TurboWash option is finished within 49 ± 5 minutes.
* Mini Washer (Based on 8kg model ; Max Load 2kg) Tested by LG Lab : Light Soil Cycle is finished within 49 minutes.
* Product image may be different than actual product.
*99.9% Allergens reduction certified by BAF
*Depending on the clothes amount and fabric type, door lock may not be released. If water temperature is higher than 40℃, door lock is not released for safety.
**Release duration time is less than 3seconds.

Smart Convenience with WiFi

SmartThinQ™ technology lets you operate or monitor your laundry from anywhere, anytime. You can track energy consumption or use Download Cycle to add a whole range of newly developed wash cycles during the washing machine's entire lifespan.
  • Pre-Installation Checklist

    1. For TWINWash™ installation, it needs 750mm x 1,800mm x 1,350mm (W x D x H) at least.

    2. To plug in a TWINWash™, it needs two grounded outlets at least. If you need to extend the connection cord by using multi-tap, it also should be grounded.

    3. We recommend to use over 15A circuit breaker for stable operation.

    4. In case of some models having drain pump, it needs 32mm diameter when using STANDPIPE to install drain hoses.

    5. We recommend to supply 1 bar water pressure at least to wash the laundry without time delay.
    Pre-Installation Checklist<br>1




    Washer(14kg) / Dryer(8kg)
    600 x 610 x 1215


  • Performance
    * 6 Motion
    * Direct Drive
    * True Steam
    * Turbo wash
    * Turbo Dry
    * Smart Think
    * Heater
    * Motor 10 Year Warranty
    * Full STS Drum
  • Convenience
    * Smart ThinQ
    * Smart Diagnosis
    * Black Tinted Door Cover


  • Capacity
    12KG Wash / 8KG Dry
    2KG Mini-Wash
  • Dimension (WxDxH)
    600 x 610 x 1215
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