• As a leading supplier of solar panels and energy storage systems, LG Electronics attaches great importance to meeting the expectations of customers and installers. A recent study1 carried out by GfK and LG, which surveyed homeowners and installers across Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, has revealed both groups see LG as one of the leading solar brands in Europe.

  • A total of 2,600 homeowners were surveyed by GfK as part of the study. Some respondents already owned LG solar panels, with over half (57%) saying the product exceeded their expectations. LG was among the top 3 brands to be considered by homeowners looking to invest in a solar system in future – a fair price (74%), high quality products (74%) and LG’s innovative technologies (70%) were the main reasons respondents would choose the brand.

  • The 100 installers surveyed shared the same views as the homeowners, recognizing LG as the supplier with the highest quality products, best value for money and the most advanced technology. In addition, almost all installers saw the duration of the product guarantee (98%) and product robustness (96%) granted to homeowners as critical to the selection process. LG aims to raise its share of the global solar market through its leading solar solutions, and its 25-year performance and product guarantees on all LG NeON series are an integral part of the company’s standard.

  • LG Solar Named Top PV Brand for the Eighth Consecutive Year

    In addition to the study from GfK, a cross-border survey by the market research company EuPD Research2 has recognized LG Solar as one of the leading European solar brands. For the eighth consecutive year, LG was named “Top Brand PV” in the “Modules” category of the study.

    An independent survey of European installation companies3 serves as the basis for the “Top Brand PV” seal of approval. The survey creates a snapshot of the market based on ten different evaluation factors, such as brand perception, market penetration and customer satisfaction. The award is only given to manufacturers who received an above average rating compared to others in their competitive environment. This year also saw LG’s panels recognized as the top products within the “PV” segment in Europe.

    “We’re really excited to have taken the “Top Brand PV” spot in Europe for the eighth year in a row. This recognition, coupled with the results of the GfK study, shows that our approach to delivering on the expectations of customers and installers alike is the right one,” said Sven Armbrecht, Head of EU Solar Sales of the EU Solar Business Group at LG Electronics. “The global energy transition will only succeed if we are all convinced by the value of solar energy – to this end, outstanding quality, innovative technology and customer satisfaction will remain cornerstones of our business.”

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