• LG Electronics decided to make a concerted effort towards producing a solar themed brand film in order to highlight the firm’s keen dedication to renewable energy.

  • LG Solar is in a unique position, in guaranteeing the quality of its products. From years of refining, the art and science of harnessing the sun’s power in the most efficient way possible LG Solar is able to offer a product and performance warranty policy that extends to 25 years. This is encapsulated in the core message of the film; “Built to perform. Built to last.”

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  • The team worked with ArtGee – a renowned street dancing crew –, to accentuate qualities that underscore the essence of what LG Solar’s flagship model – the NeON R embodies.

  • ArtGee is highly regarded in the world of street/hip-hop and modern dance. The boundary-pushing group won second place at the 2017 world-renowned street dance competition “World of Dance”, first emerging from “Spain's Got Talent, Season four”, despite being a foreign entry which aired in 2019 and gained wide-spread popularity in Spain as they ascended to the Grand Final.

  • Starting with street dance, the film aims to bring attention to the forward-thinking nature of LG Solar. Artists of various genres are showcased, and LG is confident the theme directly appeals to end-user customers while cementing a solid brand identity for itself.

Dance and Solar Panel Dance and Solar Panel
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  • Motivation Built to Re-brand

    “LG Solar had previously been concentrating on improving sales enablement content which faithfully and accurately delivered product specification data,” said Kevin Kim, the head of Energy Business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions’ Energy Business Division. He recalled LG Solar's past marketing content strategy, and came to the conclusion that it was not too dissimilar from traditional methods.

    However, as the Residential Market grows, Kevin, who predicted that the brand recognition of manufacturers was needed to become a core focus stated that, “In order to preemptively prepare for the latest PV market changes, we decided a shake-up in LG Solar’s marketing strategy was needed”.

    He went on to highlight the fact that the goal is to construct a new brand identity for LG Solar, and foster a fandom based on this newly embraced identity through integration with art, so that homeowners can sympathize with LG Solar's sincere passion for the environment, and steer clear of purely obscure technical message overlays.

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