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Based on the Brand Identity strategy of "Enriching Lives through Technology", we are striving to fulfill its promise for customers.

We are actively listening to customers through diverse channels and applying their opinions to our product development, product quality & service improvement, and a variety of marketing communication activities.

Strategic Brand Communication

"Life's Good" conveys a message that LGE enriches customers' lives with its products, services and technology, and creates a unique brand identity of LG Electronics. Based on the core value, "Delivering values that customers truly need and want," our brand identity was built on the following concepts: "Customer Value (Inspired, Empowered, and Smiling)," verbal messages translating LG's own unique emotional values into the language spoken by customers; "Brand Promise (Innovation that makes you SMILE)," the very reason why customers choose LG; and "Brand Vision (Life's Good)," the ultimate goal and purpose of the LG brand.

Also, we established a new brand intent to further strengthen our brand image as "the market-leading innovator." A brand intent conveys what we aspire to become and what we want our customer to see us as a brand. We will strive to provide customers with something new, beautiful, and convenient through every product and service, and help our customers perceive LG Electronics as progressive, refined and engaging brand providing the best solution to customers.

  • Responsible Marketing Communication
    In 2009, LGE established and distributed "Code of Conduct" by which employees across the company are expected to abide to create value for stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, suppliers, communities, etc., and is conducting training on its purpose and intent. The LGE Code of Conduct stresses that employees must act with integrity and exhibit the utmost sincerity in the following four areas: responsible marketing, product safety, product standards and protection of customer privacy. In 2011, we amended our Code of Conduct to include clauses on the safety defect reporting system and precautions to take when handling refurbished products, while strengthening relevant clauses to enforce responsible communication with customers.