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We will further our efforts to turn our CSR slogan, “Life’s Good with LG,” into reality in communities across the world.

With “Cooperating Toward a Better Life for All” as the vision for our social contribution initiatives, we strive to empower communities with 3 strategies

Technology that Cares: Resolved social issues by using the company's technology and products

LG Electronics utilizes its technology and products in resolving various issues such as environment, poverty, and hygiene in the local community. The company will make the following efforts so that more than 300,000 people can benefit from the programs related to its "Technology that Cares" by 2030.
First, the company will establish a process for identifying social issues by listening to the opinions of the stakeholders. The company will have all the offices adopt the process so that they can carry out social contribution activities on-site by 2030. Second, the company will select countries that implement CSR strategies every year for in-depth management. LG Electronics has been selecting CSR strategic countries among the emerging markets in consideration of the social and business indexes such as GDP growth rate and UN Human Development Index from 2016. The company will also come up with an index for advanced country for comprehensive selection of CSR strategic countries, and expand social contribution activities in the respective countries.
Third, the company will develop more technologies that care and train people who will spread them. The company will expand cooperation with inside and outside experts in order to apply the technologies related to the fourth industrial revolution such as AI, smartphone apps, 3D printers, and IoT in resolving social issues.

Trustworthy Partner: Support the growth and independence of stakeholders through partnership

LG Electronics has a strong partnership with the local government s, communities, NGOs, and international organizations with a high level of expertise in the issues. The company will make the following efforts so that more than 100,000 people can benefit from its cooperation with stakeholders.
First, LG Electronics will implement a program or creating synergy with other LG affiliates with different expertise in different areas through the local communities in the countries where both LG Electronics and other LG affiliates have started businesses. The LG IT Library built in Vietnam in 2017 is an exemplary case, and similar efforts will be made in Poland, China, and Mexico. Second, the company will establish standards for selecting partner organizations by 2020 to be shared with all subsidiaries, and review every year for the win-win growth of partners and LGE.
Third, the company will make efforts to ensure transparency in donation in order to become a reliable partner. To this, the company established and implemented internal policy on discretionary power for allocating the donation and social contribution activities since 2018, and will continue to improve the legitimacy and conformance of the donation process.

Sharing and Comfort: Employee Engagement

LG Electronics shares with the local community for their development and growth with the participation of employees. LG Electronics has the following plans for employees to participate in the sharing activities in all the countries by 2030 based on the Social Contribution Charter announced in 2005.
First, the company will continue to provide institutional support programs for paid leave for voluntary activities on weekdays and talent sharing volunteer group in order to create a culture of sharing. The company will also provide training programs tailored to each job type and position for enhancing the awareness of employees.
Second, the company will have all its overseas branch offices participate in corporate sharing programs such as the "Global Volunteer Day on World Environment Day" and "Global Blood Donation Campaign“ by 2030. Third, the company will run a Committee for Social Contribution Fund to ensure the transparency of the distribution of donation, while also promoting the culture of donation among employees in order to contribute to the development of the local community