• LGE is pursuing sustainable management to become a Top Global Company that continues to grow and develop in any crisis beyond global leaders in our Business area. LGE is composed of four business divisions: Home Appliance & Air Solutions (H&A), Home Entertainment (HE), Vehicle Component Solutions (VS), and Business Solutions (BS). It also leads the market in various fields, including refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, mobile phones, vehicle component, and solar energy.

an interview with LG ceo

Message from the CEO

LGE aims to make better value of life with various stakeholders towards sustainable future
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Our Approach to ESG

LGE is making efforts to set up the direction of ESG, and create social values beyond economic performance To this end, LGE will continue to expand the level and scope of ESG management
Quarantine for COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

From the beginning of the pandemic LGE have worked continuously to support and protect our stakeholders including employees, customer and the communities where we operate during this time of crisis
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Our Stakeholder

LGE actively strives to establish itself as a ‘trustworthy company’ through participation and communication with various stakeholders
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ESG Policies

LGE has been aiming to create value for customers based on the principle of respect for humanity. We have established and implemented policies in the fields of ESG
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LGE identified issues were prioritized and analyzed in terms of their impact from a comprehensive perspective in line with our vision, strategy, industry trend, media exposure based on global sustainability initiatives and standards.