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Advances in both our awareness and technology have brought about advances in our policies and systems designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

In line with these advances, LG Electronics (LGE) is working hard to ensure that people of all abilities enjoy the full benefits and conveniences offered by LGE’s products. To this end, LGE has established an accessibility Task Team to improve accessibility of our products, and the team is exploring measures to achieve this meaningful goal across our consumer businesses.

Products Application

LGE is developing accessibility features for the disabled and implementing them to our products.

  • Accessibility-mobile
    Today, mobile devices are about more than just making calls and sending texts. Sure, we need access to the basics. But LGE believes access to the advance features of smart phones and tablets is within reach. We invite you to explore all we are doing to ensure the most accessible mobile experience in the industry.
  • Accessibility-tv-audio-video
    TV / Audio / Video
    Almost all of us watch some TV. For some of us, “watching” means listening with video descriptions. For others, listening to the TV means reading along with the captions. And for some, controlling the TV means telling it exactly what we want it to do using voice controls. LGE has you covered.
  • Accessibility-appliances
    Making dinner, cleaning the dishes, doing the laundry – we all live our lives at home. LGE appliances make it easier to get life's little chores done. That way we can enjoy the process and the result of our efforts.