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LG Electronics is striving to create a corporate culture based on creativity and autonomy.

While forming a work environment in which employees work hard and improve their quality of life, it is also making an effort to elevate the standard of living for each individual member.

Communication with Employees

Vitalizing Organizational Communication

LG Electronics is creating an organizational culture where smooth communication is realized through various online/offline channels.

LGE’s Employee Communication Programs

LGE’s Employee Communication Programs
Programs Junior Board
Description As an organization that represents both general and administrative workers, the Digital Board Council delivers employee opinions about working conditions and the work environment to management (head office: quarterly/companywide: every six months)
Programs Open Communication
Description Continuous meetings for communication between management/ leaders and employees in the form of special lectures, conferences, field visits
Programs LG Way Survey
Description Identifying employee satisfaction and demands (annually)
Programs VOE (Voice of Employees)
Description Improvement tasks reviewed through LG Way Survey; monthly polls conducted to deliver the thoughts of employees to management
Programs EP Communication
Description Operation of a portal site; news and bulletin board; publication of a daily newsletter
Programs Video Communication
Description DVDs, e-newsletters, in-house broadcasting services
Programs Global Lounge
Description Operation of an online news site for employees of overseas subsidiaries; weekly newsletters sent out
Programs HR Shared Service Center
Description Inquiries through telephone, e-mail, intranet bulletin board (regular operation)
Programs Cyber-Shinmungo (bulletin for reporting cases of corruption) Jeong-Do Management Training
Description Reports on any violations of Jeong-Do management (regular operation) Collective training about Jeong-Do management (annually)

Communication for Solving Problems

LGE has been continuously making efforts to create a corporate culture based on communication. The communication culture, “Communication for Solving Problems” represents the process of 1:1 communication that solves problems that may occur in the organization. Instead of a simple give and take way of discussing intentions, this process allows an employee to communicate with top management or leaders in a timely manner. Communication between individuals does not end with just reporting of the problem, but each member views the problem from the owner’s perspective and suggests a solution to the problem.

Efforts to Improve the Working Environment

With the annual “LG Way Survey”, LGE assesses its effectiveness in creating a positive work environment in which employees feel their creativity and autonomy is promoted, and then implements improvements based on the results. Employees are solicited to provide inputs describing a work environment and leadership style. (Example: “I am given discretion to take an initiative based on my ideas and judgment when working towards meeting the company’s goal”, “My boss allows and encourages me to make a move that no one has tried or has never been tried in the past”, etc.)

Participation Culture Based on the Voice of Employees (VOE)

This process identifies employee perception about major company policies, and after establishment, and then these views are reflected into those policies. Change Agent (CA) and Junior Board (JB) played important roles in encouraging this employee participation culture to become active. CAs are members that lead change in overseas organizations. JB is a medium for employees in Korea that delivers employee opinions to the top management and performs various roles for the rights of the employees. VOE is considered first in all the improvement plans and is now a unique part of LGE’s corporate culture.

Handling Grievances and Employee Counseling

LGE provides stress management and psychological counseling services so that employees can focus on their working life. It operates psychological counseling programs in all corporate branches throughout Korea, and a mobile counseling service is provided for small regional branches. In particular, a counseling service is provided to family members of employees at R&D centers to actively help employees solve their problems.

Work-Life Balance

LGE operates various programs for employees to ensure their work-life balance. At LG Electronics, we believe that the happiness of our employees, both personally and professionally, leads to strong business performance and that work-life balance is an integral part of making our employees happy. As such, LG Electronics engages in a wide range of efforts to help our employees achieve work-life balance.

Progress for Work-Life Balance

Graph showing work-life balance factors by categories.