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We protect employees' basic labor/human rights and build a future-oriented "Win-Win Labor-Management Relations".

LG Electronics strives to motivate employees by actively protecting their labor/human rights and to reduce risks associated with labor/human rights across its supply chain. We also run a grievance resolution process through multiple channels to promptly address any issues that employees face.

Human Rights Protection and Prevention of Discrimination

LGE recognizes the right of all employees and stakeholders to pursue happiness, to work with dignity and to have their value as human beings respected. Accordingly, LGE complies with the standards established by the UN, ILO, OECD, and other international labor organizations as well as labor laws and regulations. It established and announced Global Labor Policy that contains the values to be shared with all stakeholders in August 2010. The Labor Policy includes a regulation that prohibits forced labor that restrains mental and physical freedom, employing minors below the age of 15, and assignment of dangerous tasks to youths under the age of 18. The Labor Policy further prohibits discrimination based on gender and race, promotes compliance with the maximum working hours set forth by the law, payment for overtime, and contributes towards local economic development. In addition, the policy also guarantees employees the freedom to join a union, as well as to join in the activities of the union and freedom to organize. The Labor Policy has been distributed to all the worksites throughout the world and has been complied with as the LGE labor standards.

Global Labor Policy

In August 2010, in order to further practice LGE's corporate cultural principle of "Respecting Human Dignity", LGE has published its Global Labor Policy to recognize the rights of all employees to pursue happiness, to work with dignity, and to have value as respected human beings. The Global Labor Policy has been translated and distributed in a total of 20 languages including English and Chinese.

In March 2013, we amended some provisions on "Prohibition of Child Employment" and "Work Hours" to provide greater details and clarity. In September 2015, the Policy was amended to meet current international standards including 'Prohibition of overtime and night shift for young workers' and 'No recruitment fees'. LGE will continue to practice CSR by consistently improving its labor and human rights related processes.

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* See also 'UK Slavery Act Statement'

Global Win-Win Labor-Management Relations

All employees are eligible to join and participate in the activities of labor unions, in accordance with the relevant collective bargaining agreements and labor union regulations. The union's infrastructure consists of one head office and six branches in Korea. All union members have voting rights and are eligible to stand for office. In addition to the quarterly labor-management meeting and annual Collective bargaining, LGE communicates various issues, including working conditions, regularly through diverse channels. Both parties negotiate in good faith and with patience on important agendas to reach an agreement. LGE also operates the Junior Board to obtain suggestions from both union and non-union members. LGE further makes diverse efforts through various channels to promote effective communication.

LGE has spread the advanced labor-management culture and labor management know-how to overseas offices as a part of its ongoing efforts to form a global advanced labor-management culture. In addition, LGE is strengthening the global labor management network to monitor and evaluate the labor-management relationship in real-time and assign a Green, Yellow, or Red signal corresponding to the situation.

Labor-Management Relations at LGE

Diagram of Labor – management relation, fulfilling one’s duties.

Labor-Management Communication Structure

Four-tier Meeting, Division Meeting, Labor-Management Meeting (Monthly), Labor Management(Quarterly).

Employee Grievances

In order to protect employees' human rights, promote workplace satisfaction, and provide a healthy and sound working environment, LG Electronics makes every effort to handle employee grievances in a fair and reasonable manner. We operate a three-step employee grievance resolution process composed of submission, resolution, and feedback & awareness promotion. We also categorize employee grievances into the following six areas, after which diverse channels are employed accordingly to resolve employee grievances in an expedient manner.

We have also established counseling centers and offer counseling and therapy programs with guarantee of anonymity to actively address various grievances and emotional issues arising from our employees' personal and professional life. Counseling centers operate a wide range of programs, including individual, group, and family therapy sessions, and employees are required to make an appointment to protect their anonymity. If needed, employees are provided with an interpretation session on the result of their psychological tests, and group sessions are also offered to facilitate the resolution of internal conflicts within a team.

Grievances Resolution Process

Graph of a process to solve the grievances by owners and channels.

USR (Union Social Responsibility)

The Labor Union of LGE held a declaration event for the Union Social Responsibility (USR) Charter in January 2010. The union has faithfully been complying with the provisions set forth in the Charter and has introduced a new concept of labor union. The union introduced the "Win-Win Labor Relations" based on social responsibilities to the public, and has been making joint efforts with the management to create a healthy and sustainable society. The LGE Labor Union established a vision for USR as part of its efforts toward goal-oriented and effective USR activities. In order to achieve the vision of "Socially Responsible Labor Union that Provides Innovative Value" the Labor Union focuses on fulfilling USR, improving the quality of employees' lives and making contributions to the global community as its key role and responsibility.