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Based on the corporate philosophy of “Respect for Human Dignity”, LG Electronics has been implementing various HR policies that respect the diversity of employees.

LG Electronics implements a fair and balanced HR management program across the global network with minor adjustments for local circumstances, and provides ongoing support to help individual employees develop their professional capabilities.

Human Resource Recruitment & Development

LG Electronics utilizes a variety of recruiting channels to secure top-quality global talent. Once employed, they are given many opportunities throughout their careers to make use of lifelong education resources and develop into global business leaders.

LGE’s annual recruitment events have been holding in universities in Korea and overseas. We’re actively pursuing various recruitment activities such as career development consulting and LG Techno Conference to acquire outstanding individuals. We operate industry-academia cooperation and scholarship programs with major universities that have science and technology programs related to our business. We maintain close communication with universities and make one-on-one retention efforts to keep attractive candidates interest in working for LG Electronics. In an effort to foster greater talent based on a longer-term strategy, LG Electronics offers three different career development tracks (Business Leader, Function Leader, and Expert) to satisfy disparate career development needs and offers a wide range of training programs tailored specifically to their career development tracks and stages.

Employee Training System

In order to help our employees achieve both individual and organizational growth, we operate the Job Training Program as part of the Company’s employee training system. Employees are required to establish their own Career Development Program (CDP), which is followed up by the One-on-One Caring System, and complete training programs accordingly. Based on the CDP, employees assess the level of their capabilities and receive a training plan and undergo training programs accordingly.

Also we established the Business Function College for each of its 14 business functions and offers more than 800 on and offline courses. Employees must complete at least two hours training per a year. To help our employees acquire capabilities required for their positions and functions in advance, we also develop a roadmap that assigns mandatory and elective courses for individuals.

Diversity Management

LG Electronics established and declared a labor policy against discrimination, facilitating an environment in which individuals with diverse values and beliefs can work together as a team. We’re making every effort to create a working environment where social minorities (to include females, foreigners and the disabled) are respected and not subjected to discrimination or any inconvenie nce based on our company’s belief that such a working environment leads to greater competitiveness.

We are making ongoing efforts to recruit and develop female talent in Korea where the percentage of female employees lags behind that of overseas sites. In addition, we are working to reduce the percentage of non-regular workers to improve the financial stability of our employees, while encouraging our business organizations to hire people with disabilities to increase their representation in the workforce.