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LG Electronics pursues Zero Carbon-Neutral by reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the production level and developing energy efficient products

Reduce carbon emissions at the production stage by 50% compared to that of 2017 and become carbon-neutral by 2030

Operational Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions

LG Electronics considers climate change response as critical part of our business management. To this end, LG Electronics continuously works to optimize and minimize our energy use by improving the efficiency of our facilities and production processes. We are also expanding investments in high efficiency equipment/facilities and solar power generating systems (Korea) and increasing our purchase of renewable energy in office buildings in overseas. LG Electronics joined "Green Power Partnership" led by U.S. EPA to reduce their environmental impact by using renewable energy and "SmartWay" program reducing U.S. logistics-related emissions in supply chain.

Our Future with Zero Carbon

Recognizing the seriousness of climate change caused by global warming, LG Electronics actively participates in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, LGE supports the efforts of the global community such as the Paris Agreement, which came into effect in November 2016, to find ways to limit the increase in the global average temperature to below 2 degrees celsius before pre-industrial levels.
LGE will actively contribute to reducing global GHG emissions and solving climate change issues through implementing the mid- to long-term carbon management strategy to achieve carbon-neutral by 2030.
* Target :
- 50% Reduction in Carbon Emissions in the Production Stage Compared to 2017 (by 2030)
- Achievement of Carbon Neutral through External GHG emission Reduction project

Achieving LGE Carbon Neutral 2030 Target

Our Carbon Credit Project

As a part of LGE’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, LG Electronics has been conducting a carbon credit project by developing & selling energy efficient products with cutting-edge technology. LG Electronics has registered a carbon reduction project named ‘Domestic production and sales enhanced energy efficient refrigerators in India by LG Electronics Private Limited’ to UNFCCC in ‘2013, and commencing a new project of ‘Energy efficiency improvement of residential air-conditioner with switching to low GWP refrigerant in Brazil’ in ‘2019. Details of the project description can be downloaded at below links: