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Since LG Electronics first announced its environmental vision in 1994, LG Electronics has been practicing environmental management

throughout the life-cycle from development and purchasing through production and use to disposal, and reducing the environmental impacts that occur during business activities.

LG Electronics’ Environmental Vision

LG Electronics constantly researches and introduces a full range of innovative, greener products and services, and continue to be a leader in developing green innovations. LG Electronics will realize Global Top Company in the EESH area through corporate level EESH management system operation, energy efficiency optimization, business site safety & health, and employee health improvement activities. By providing differentiated customer value, LG Electronics will pursue earth environment preservation, sustainable social advancement, and improve the quality of life for stakeholders.

LG Electronics’ EESH Management Policy

To become a sustainable and respectable Global Top Company, LG Electronics will follow the following EESH management principles.

LG Electronics’ Environmental Product Policy

LG Electronics is committed to providing a better experience for its customers, by contributing to environmental protection efforts, and offering green values.