Better Earth

  • Average of 1°C higher since pre-industrial times, and unprecedented heat waves and floods. The planet we are inhabiting is facing bigger crisis, sooner than we expected.

    Remembering that this planet will no longer be sustainable without our self-led efforts, we hope to continue taking notable actions for a better future.

    We will reflect on our course of action for a clean global environment. We pledge to protect the present moment we are living in by reducing carbon emissions and using renewable energy.

    Through sustainable actions, instead of mere declaration, LGE will stand at the starting line with a long-term perspective in pursuit of our vision for a better planet.

    1) Pursuing carbon neutrality and use of renewable energy

    LGE will achieve its carbon-neutral goal by 2030 by continuously reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the production stage through process improvement and the introduction of energy-saving technologies. Furthermore, the company aims to convert to 100% renewable energy by 2050 by purchasing new and renewable energy and expanding the installation of solar power.

    • Achieve carbon neutrality(50% reduction in emissions in the production phase + 50% of external offset by 2030)
    • Complete transition to renewable energy (goal of 100% renewable energy use by 2050)