Better Circularity

  • Proactively using eco-friendly materials from the manufacturing stage, eliminating unnecessary procedures to minimize environmental pollution, delivering eco-friendly experiences to customers through ECO packaging-LGE creates a virtuous cycle of resources and energy.
    By dismantling discarded products, and reusing them to continue the virtuous cycle, we are protecting a healthy planet by expanding energy-efficient products.
    From manufacturing, to use, and disposal, our efforts are aimed at one goal, the goal of a more sustainable planet.

    2) Building a circular economy with recycling of waste

    LGE will build a circular economy by recycling waste generated at production sites to create worksites with zero waste for landfilling, and by recovering 8 million tons (cumulative 2006 to 2030) of e-waste and recycling them.

    • Achieve waste recycling rate 95% at production sites
    • Achieve a cumulative collection amount of e-waste 8 million tons(2006 to 2030)