Better Eco Products

  • We will continue to make a positive impact on our planet by applying eco-friendly technology to all newly developed products as well as products that have already been launched.

    By reducing carbon emitted during product use through advanced technology development and expanding our product portfolio that uses eco-friendly materials, LGE will lead better lives through technology until all of the products we release are eco-friendly products.

    As an ‘innovative company’ that creates innovation through products, we hope to fulfill ESG management in the best way we can.

    3) Developing products/services considering the environment

    LGE will reduce carbon emissions from the use of its seven major products (*) by 20% compared to 2020 by 2030 through energy efficiency improvement, etc., and expand the application of recycled plastics by 2030 (cumulative 600,000 tons). In addition, we will fulfill our ESG management goals through innovation by increasing emphasis on ESG in existing products and launching new ESGoriented products.

    • Reduce carbon emissions 20% during use of 7(*) major products (compared to 2020)
    • Achieve a cumulative use of recycled plastics 600,000 tons(2021 to 2030)
    * TV, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dryers, Residential Air Conditioner(RAC), System Air Conditioner(SAC), Monitors