Zero Negative Environmental Impact

  • Industrial and technological development has made convenient and abundant lives a reality for humans today. However, we are now approaching a stage where the negative environmental effects of this development, which have been pushed aside for the sake of progress, are not only impacting our quality of life, but also our very existence on this planet. A report released by the UN in 2021, titled “Making Peace with Nature”, highlighted the effects of human activity and the exploitation of nature on our planet, including climate change, harm to biodiversity, and the occurrence of risks relating to environmental pollution, with a message that mutual cooperation and efforts are necessary if these issues are to be resolved. As awareness of environmental issues grows around the world, there is an increasing recognition that the top priority for humanity should be the pursuit of environmental value. LG Electronics, as a member of the international community, is naturally conscious of the seriousness of issues such as climate change and environmental pollution, and we are striving to actively participate in movements to respond to these issues. We will do our utmost to reduce, to zero, the negative environmental impact of our activities and worksites, and move beyond this to work towards expanding our positive impact, too.

  • • Reduce carbon emissions in the production phase by 50% compared to 2017 by 2030
    • Achieve carbon neutrality by expanding the areas of the CDM by 2030

    In order to achieve, our goal by 2030 of reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated during production of our products by 50%, we are expanding the introduction of energy-efficient facilities and carbon emission reduction devices throughout our production process. By actively participating in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project, through which greenhouse gas emission reduction goals can be achieved through the investment of technology and capital in developing countries, we are continuously securing carbon credits. We are contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by strengthening our solar power business to expand the use of renewable energy and by actively utilizing our B2B solutions such as high-efficiency refrigerators and energy management systems (EMS). In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, we will continue to strive to actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions at each of our business sites and participate in resolving global issues caused by climate change by expanding our participation in the CDM project.

  • • Complete transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050
    • Complete transition to 100% electric/hydrogen cars for business by 2030 (Korea)

    In addition to changing the energy sources used, the transition to renewable energy is dramatically changing the overall management of businesses within the industry. We established the Global Renewable Energy Expansion Plan in order to achieve our transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Through this plan, we aim to lead the energy transition of the international society and actively respond to Korean and foreign policies related to renewable energy, as well as respond to the demands of stakeholders.

  • • Achieve 95% in waste recycling rate at production sites by 2030

    At LGE, we continuously invest in environmental facilities and improve our waste treatment processes with a view to being able to recycle 95% of waste generated at production sites around the world by 2030. In order to treat waste in an eco-friendly way and reuse it as resource for production, we manage the waste treatment performance of each of our production sites, and of the company as a whole, and then monitor the waste recycling process. Through an increase in the use of renewable raw materials, we have expanded our range of recyclable products while also minimizing the environmental impact of our products.