Zero Negative Environmental Impact

• Complete transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050
• Complete transition to 100% electric/hydrogen cars for business by 2030 (Korea)

  • Expansion of Renewable Energy

  • RE100 stands for Renewable Energy 100 and refers to a global initiative aimed at replacing 100% of corporate electricity with renewable energy. A number of global companies have already publicly declared their participation in RE100, and recently these companies are also inviting companies in their business network to participate. Here at LGE, we are expanding the direct generation and use of renewable energy by using high-efficiency solar panels, and applicable options such as the green rate system for renewable energy purchasing, Renewable Energy Credit (REC) purchasing, and third-party Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). In addition, we established a mid-to long-term plan with a view to achieving 100% renewable energy use by 2050. In accordance with this plan, we aim to continue our efforts to switch to renewable energy in consideration of the current laws and business conditions of the countries where our Korean and overseas production sites are located.

Our Global Renewable Energy Expansion Plan

*(Renewable energy ratio (%) = Annual renewable energy consumption ÷ Total electricity consumption)

  • K-EV100 Declaration and Implementation (Korea)

  • K-EV100 Declaration and Implementation (Korea)

    In April 2021, we participated in the 'K-EV100' campaign hosted by the Ministry of Environment and declared our commitment to transitioning all vehicles with zero-emission replacements that use electricity or hydrogen fuel cells by 2030. In line with the K-EV100 declaration, we plan to gradually increase the proportion of our vehicles that are eco-friendly. Going beyond simply converting our vehicles into eco-friendly vehicles, we will continue to explore and achieve potential changes aimed at establishing a carbon-neutral society throughout every facet of our corporate management.

Targets in Switching to Zero-Emission Vehicles