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LG Electronics obtains environmental labels to provide environmental information of products or energy efficiencies of products

so that customers can be aware of the environmental impact of LG products.

  • energy_star
    Energy Star
    ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) helping consumers and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.
    For more information, visit to ENERGY STAR
  • Most Efficient 2018
    Energy Star
    ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation recognizes the most efficient products among those that qualify for the certification.
    or more information, visit to ENERGY STAR Most Efficient
  • Energy Star Award 2018
    Energy Star
    Highest level of EPA recognition for partners that perform a superior level of energy management and communicating the benefits of ENERGY STAR.
  • Ecolabel_logo_v5
    EU Ecolabel
    The European Ecolabel is a voluntary award scheme run by the European Commission and designated Competent Bodies at national level, to promote products which have a high level of environmental performance, in the European market.

    The EU Ecolabel is only awarded after verification by a third party, that the products meet the strictest environmental and performance criteria agreed at European level. EU Ecolabel awarded products can then carry the "Flower" logo, helping purchasers (public and private consumers) to identify them easily and make informed choices.

    The EU Ecolabel award recognizes televisions that have a range of sustainable features including high energy efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and that the television has been designed to facilitate repair and recycling.

    A number of LG Electronics TVs, released from 2009 have been awarded with the EU Ecolabel award.
    More detailed information on the EU Ecolabel can be found at the web-site address :
  • tco-logo
    TCO Certification is a series of product certifications for office equipment - Computers, keyboards, printers, mobile phones and office furniture. It is set by TCO Development, owned by the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees, TCO (Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation).

    TCO Certified goes beyond green by combining features such as high performance and ergonomic design with one of the toughest environmental requirements on the market. TCO Certified makes it easy to choose technology designed for high usability and minimal impact on the environment.
    For more information, visit to TCO Certificate
  • Korea Eco-Label
    Korea Eco-Label
    KOREA ECO-LABEL is a voluntary certification program to choose eco-products, operated by KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute), started in 1992. KOREA ECO-LABEL is awarded to products meeting certain environmental standards to verify lifecycle based environmental preferability of products and services.
    For more information, visit to KOREA ECO-LABEL
  • co2-logo
    Korea Carbon Footprint Label
    KOREA Carbon Footprint Label is a voluntary certification program to choose eco-products, operated by KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute). There are three steps of certificates in the Carbon footprint labeling: Carbon footprint certification label (Step 1) and low carbon product certificate (Step 2) and Carbon neutral certificate (Step 3) . Acquiring a Carbon footprint labeling certificate for goods that do not use energy is easy, as only the common certificate (Product category rules 1) is required. To acquire a certificate for goods that use energy, a common certificate and description scenario for each good (Product category rules 2) are required. LG Electronics is a leading company for acquiring not only KOREA Carbon Footprint Label but also other carbon footprint labels.
    For more information, visit to KOREA Carbon Footprint Label
  • Green certification_3
    Green Certification
    The Green Certification is awarded to technologies that contribute to conservation of energy and resources, and reduction of GHG emissions and pollutant discharges by improving energy efficiency and utilizing clean energy sources.
    For more information, visit to Green Certification
  • UL110
    EcoLogo UL 110 (Sustainability for Mobile Phones)
    UL's ECOLOGO Certification to UL 110 (Sustainability for Mobile Phones) is based on the environmental and human health aspects of a mobile phone’s entire lifecycle. To achieve certification, a mobile phone must earn at least 60 of the available points (score of 55%). Devices earning 80 points (score of 73%) or more are eligible to receive platinum level certification.
    For more information, visit to UL Environment
  • carbon-free-logo
    CarbonFree® Certified
    The CarbonFree® Product Certification label is aimed at increasing awareness of product emissions and recognizing companies that are compensating for LG Electronics’ carbon footprint.

    By determining a product’s carbon footprint, reducing that footprint where possible, and offsetting the remaining carbon emissions associated with the product, has created a meaningful, credible and environmentally beneficial way for businesses to provide carbon-neutral products to LG Electronics customers.
    For more information, visit to CarbonFree® Certified Product Index
  • seal-of-approval-logo
    Allergy UK Seal of Approval
    Allergy UK is the leading medical charity dealing with allergy in the United Kingdom. Especially, the “SEAL OF APPROVAL” which is given to products that specifically restrict/reduce/remove allergens from the environment of allergy sufferers and also for products which have significantly reduced allergen content.

    LG Electronics products such as Air purifiers, bed cleaners, air conditioners, washing machines and cylinder vacuum cleaners have been tested scientifically and proven to reduce allergen by Allergy UK.
    For more information, visit to Allergy UK
  • epeat-logo-green
    EPEAT®, which stands for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, is helping institutional purchasers select and compare computer desktops, laptops, tablets and monitors based on their environmental attributes.

    Products are measured against both required and optional criteria. A product must meet all of the required criteria in its category to be added to the registry. It is then rated Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on how many of the optional criteria it meets.


    For more information, visit to EPEAT
  • Climatop
    The Climatop Label of Swiss is awarded to products that have achieved a reduction of over 20% of GHG emissions the same category.
    In 2012, LGE’s TV(47LM760S-ZA) and washing machine(F14A8QDS) acquired the Climatop Label, the world’s first in their respective categories.
  • TUV-Green-Mark
    TUV Green Mark
    The Green Mark certification evaluates an extensive range of items, including the consumption amount of electric power, energy and water, content of environmentally harmful substances, carbon emissions in entire manufacturing processes, the recycling ratio of products and social responsibility of manufacturers. LGE’s KIZON(LG-W105E), washing machine(F1480FDS) and TV(47LM7600) acquired the Green Mark certification.
  • A-G_Energy_Label
    A-G Energy Label
    The new A-G Energy Label used in EU and EEA countries from 1st March ’21 for refrigerators, washing machines, washer-driers, dishwashers and all display products including televisions, monitors and signage displays provides consumers with important information on product energy efficiency and performance levels. Non-EU countries that have relied on the previous A+++-D labels are expected to adopt the new A-G Energy Label eventually, but it will take some time to amend their regulations. (see below the latest overview of applicable Energy Label per country).

    file-pdf  Applicable Energy Label per country (PDF, 272 kb)