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  • Q.
    How can I invest in LG Electronics? On which exchanges is LG Electronics listed and what are the ticker symbols?
    LG Electronics' stock can be purchased via brokers on the exchanges where LGE is listed. Please contact your nearest broker if you live outside of Korea and want to invest in our company.

    Investment Options:

    Stock Korea Stock Exchange, (ticker symbol: 066570) LG Electronics

    GDR* London Stock Exchange (LGLD)

    * Global Depository Receipt (GDR) is a bank certificate issued in more than one country, for shares in a foreign company. GDRs are held by a foreign branch of an international bank and they are offered for sale, globally, at various branches. GDRs trade as domestic shares.

    2 preferred GDRs = 1 preferred share

    2 common GDRs = 1 common share

LG Shares


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