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Art & Culture

Modernist spaces and
clean minimalist design

Alexis is a self-taught 3D artist. He has been teaching himself software and design concepts for the past 10 years while working in advertising and winemaking. He’s always been fascinated with modernist spaces and clean minimalist design—aesthetics that regularly show up in his work.

“With my images, I let the physical functions of the LG SIGNATURE products lead the image and later used their design cues to form the architecture.”

“For the Washing Machine, I used clean draped curtains against futuristic styling to create a space that not only echoed the machine’s design but also its functionality.”

“For the Air Purifier, I used its round shape and the idea of clean air to dictate the environment around it.”

“I really liked the idea of breaking the products down to their basic functions and then building creative ideas around that. I think good products are designed in a similar fashion—wonderful design must first and foremost serve the basic purpose of the product. You can’t have a great looking washing machine that can’t wash clothes!”