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Artweek in Germany

LG SIGNATURE ART WEEK 2018, a series of exhibitions curated by renowned designer & architect Alessandro Mendini.

A journey of beauty, passion and innovation, as design extraordinaire Alessandro Mendini curates a selection of art that showcases the essence of LG SIGNATURE.

Alessandro Mendini has chosen a number of exclusive and highly esteemed concept artists, designers, painters and more to showcase their work alongside LG SIGNATURE in the heart of Europe.

LG SIGNATURE’s design evokes the most minimalist and premium artistic inspirations, all with the goal of turning everyday appliances into artistic wonders within our homes.

Alessandro Mendini

Design pioneer Mendini disrupted the industry 50 years ago and changed it forever for the better. He has indelibly stamped his signature on Italian, and worldwide, design aesthetics. His values encapsulate all that LG SIGNATURE represents; seeing things differently, and finding beauty in that which others may have simply passed by.