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The Evian
Championship 2018

LG SIGNATURE is proud to be an official partner of The Evian Championship 2018.

The Evian Championship is the last of the LPGA major games of 2018, and this year, the 8th hole of the course is the LG SIGNATURE hole.

As the official partner of Evian Championship, LG SIGNATURE sponsored a culinary challenge to show advanced technology and beatiful design of it's products.

Discover the first episode of the LG SIGNATURE x The Evian Championship series featuring the one star chef Patrice Vander of the Hôtel Royal - Evian Resort.

He is sharing with us what his own signature is cooking a tartare. And you, what is your signature?

It's time for Christopher Crell to do the chef Vander's challenge and share his signature on how to make a tartare a unique dish.

We introduce you the tonnato veal tartare with italian-asian fusion and the wine recommendation of the chef, a Pinot Grigio maintained at temperature in the new LG SIGNATURE wine cellar.

The french chef Juan Arbelaez accepts the "What's your signature?" challenge and share with you how to realize a tartare of cod with the LG SIGNATURE products. Take notes and enjoy

What Sung Hyun Park and In Gee Chun, the LG SIGNATURE ambassadors, thought about our chefs recipes? Find it out on the last episode of the "What's your signature?" series.