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Eye of the beholder #4 –

Creativity means freedom to express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions without the limitation of social and cultural frameworks.

VSLB, a digital design studio that curates 3D creative design content, recently collaborated with ultra-premium brand LG SIGNATURE to create a series of luxury artworks to enhance visualize their lineup. Art director Giacomo of VSLB was born and raised in Italy and grew up in a family of fashion and interior designers. He became a senior architect at One O One Architects in South Korea in 2015. In 2019 he was awarded for his design work participating at the Maru Design Competition of Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. Sarah is a former ballerina and soloist of Saarland State Theater in Germany, where she danced professionally for 6 years. She came to South Korea in 2016, bringing her creative artistry into VSLB as co-founder and CEO.

Giacomo and Sarah are now leading the Seoul-based VSLB to express the unique identities of brands by embracing true artistic and creative freedom. The studio has worked for Luxury Brands such as London based Haute Couture Brand Ralph & Russo and Bottega Veneta.

For VSLB, the most essential element for developing visual concepts is creating a meaningful product environment by building a metaphorical and visual connecting point between brand identity, product USP and product placement. Especially in the interior design context, VSLB incorporates real textures, light and furniture compositions inspired by real spaces into a virtual setting, communicating the brand's deeper meaning to the audience.

As seen in this living room, the free shapes and curves in the modern space serve as a metaphor for LG SIGNATURE's and Kartell's strongest connecting points innovation in manufacturing technologies, design and use of materials.

Art completes technology, as mere functionality strips a product of its identity. Proportion, simplicity and high-quality materials crafted into a unique design make LG SIGNATURE products timeless and elegant pieces of art, providing added value and identity to their functionality. Therefore, the products' USPs were the main inspiration for VSLB's collaboration with LG SIGNATURE.

Taking the wine cellar as an example, vibration control is the ultimate solution for optimal wine storing. "To reflect this feature within the created 3D art, we placed the wine cellar on a marble podium surrounded by sand. Vibration initiated by the metal sphere is visualized by the pattern of sand. But looking closer, the sand most immediate to the product indicates the strength of vibration control by its stillness."

VSLB praises LG SIGNATURE as a brand that showcases its philosophy by connecting artistry with advanced technology. "We loved how every single image came to life by solely being inspired by LG SIGNATURE's essence of connecting art with technology and unique selling points of the products. Each created image led us to an unexpected outcome and surprised us on how our own signature adapted to the brand's identity."

Autograph of Giacomo, who is a co-founder of VSLB.

About VSLB Inc.

Founded by Giacomo Mason and Sarah Schmidt, the mission of VSLB, a digital design studio, is to enable people and brands to express their philosophy through 3D visual art, motion graphics and artistic concepts.

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